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As if growth spurts weren’t bad enough, there is a foot disease called Severs Disease that is associated with growth spurts in children ages 9 to 15. When children are growing their growth plates are expanding and getting larger, and along with this the muscles and tendons also need to grow and stretch. But sometimes they don’t. Severs Disease is caused from the growth plate in the heel bone growing, but the muscles and tendons around it are growing at a slower rate resulting in pain of the heel. As the child runs or performs any physical activity the muscles and tendons will become more stressed and will result in more pain. The most common symptoms of this injury are pain and tenderness of the heel, especially when the sides of the heel are squeezed.  Sometimes a lump may appear at the back of the heel where the tendons attach to the bone, but this is usually very small.

Treatment for this injury includes limiting physical activity, ice and supportive shoes. Orthotic inserts can also be very helpful when treating this injury. These will provide proper support and placement of your child’s feet, which will help with the pain. Also regular stretching of the calf muscle will help reduce the pain. In the most severe cases the area can be casted but this isn’t very common.

If your child is between the ages of 9 and 15 and is experiencing these kinds of symptoms take them to your local podiatrist Dr. Gujral at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Edison and Monroe NJ. Your podiatrist can diagnose and properly treat this injury and get the correct shoe inserts to help your child get back to feeling normal!

By Varun Gujral