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By Nrupa Shah
December 30, 2014
Category: Athletic Shoes

The title may seem a bit contradictory; the rising of something falling. But that is exactly what is happening to young basketball phenom, Tacko Fall. Tacko is a 7’6” (and growing) high school senior in central Florida. He has committed to the University of Central Florida next year on a full ride scholarship, which, let’s face it, was bound to happen. He has an 8 foot wingspan and wears a monstrous size 22 shoe! To shed some perspective on that, that’s the same shoe size as already grown Shaquille O’Neal. It hasn’t been easy for Tacko to find clothing—especially shoes—that fit him properly. In his birthplace of Dakar, Senegal he wore only one pair of sandals throughout most of his teenage life because his family couldn’t find shoes that fit him. He kept growing out of and breaking them and all his family could do is patch them up. So, aside from being great at basketball, being tall definitely has its limitations.

For someone as tall as Tacko Fall, it is imperative that he has shoes which fit him properly. Especially if he plans on playing college basketball and quite possibly professional. Now there are companies out there such as Nike and Adidas who make such a shoe, but because of Tacko’s age I would make it my duty to get him fitted and casted for custom basketball shoes. Outside of having big feet, he is still growing which means his mechanics are always changing and that’s something that definitely needs to be taken into consideration for this young athlete.

Not only does being tall effect mechanics and foot structure, but so does pregnancy, obesity, and even surgery and all of these things can be addressed with the appropriate treatment by your healthcare provider. We wish Tacko Fall the best next year at UCF!

Lastly, from all of us here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison, NJ we hope you all had a great holiday and wish you a Happy New Year!

By Nrupa Shah