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It’s that time of year again! Our favorite baseball players have started reporting for spring training and it is a little over a month until opening day! While they are back in action, these players need to take care of themselves and their feet so they are not benched for the season.  A very common injury for baseball players is Achilles Tendonitis.  Although tendonitis is commonly thought of as a “minor injury”; this injury can bench professional ball players for weeks.

So what exactly is this injury? On the back of your ankle there is a tendon connecting the muscles of the back of your leg to your heel bone, this is the Achilles tendon. Tendonitis is when this tendon becomes inflamed and irritated. If the inflammation goes on long enough the tendon can begin to degenerate or wear away, this is called tendonosis. This is also why it is so imperative to treat the tendonitis right away before the tendon can start to degrade.

The common causes of this injury are overuse and increase in repetitive activities. This results in tiny fibers of the tendon being damaged and painful because the body cannot heal them quickly enough! Players like Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto need to make sure to properly warm up and cool down after each practice to ensure that their Achilles tendon doesn’t become too stressed so they can play this season.

The symptoms to watch for include pain on the back of the leg, ankle and heel, along with tenderness when the sides of the tendon are squeezed, and increased pain with continued activity. If any of these symptoms appear, it is important make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care to get proper treatment so the injury doesn’t progress to tendonosis. We are located in Edison and in Monroe, NJ. The usual treatment for this is rest and ice, sometimes your podiatrist will recommend a cast or walking boot to relieve stress from the tendon, and a night splint may also be recommended.  Preventing this injury is always the best option! By wearing proper fitting shoes and stretching before and after exercising, it will greatly reduce the risk of developing this injury!

By Nrupa Shah


We’ve all had or known someone who has had an ingrown toenail. And everyone’s first reaction that hearing those words “ingrown toenail” is Eew! Let’s be honest, they are pretty gross, ugly and can be very painful. But this is a very common injury for athletes and for the average person. Some of our favorite celebrities, like Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, have probably suffered from these from all the crazy shoes they wear! This is a very common injury and it is nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to more people than you think!

The major causes for a toenail to become ingrown include wearing too small shoes and forcing the nail to grow improperly, or by cutting the nail too short and it grows into the skin after being cut wrong. The common symptoms associated with this are a painful, tender area of the affected toe and nail, swelling, redness and possibly an infection.

Many people think this is something that they can take care of on their own, getting tweezers or nail clippers and digging it out; this is a BAD idea! This is how people get infections from ingrown nails. It may seem weird but podiatrists are trained on how to properly fix an ingrown toe nail and keep your toe from getting infected! Your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ, can help you take care of this minor problem!

You can also make the situation a little better by soaking your foot in a warm salt water 3-4 times a day. And next time you cut your nails make sure you cut straight across, do not try to round the edges and do not cut them too short!


By Varun Gujral


This syndrome is pain on the inside part of the third and fourth toes, where they touch each other. So why does a pain that is in such a small area have its own “syndrome”? The pain between these toes is caused by the nerve being pinched that supplies the area between these two toes. It is a very common injury in athletes, and it can keep them from playing their sport. This injury is common in tennis players and golfers; it seems kind of strange that pain in a tiny area between two to toes could keep a professional player benched.   If we talked to Venus or Serena Williams they would probably say that if they had this pain they would be sitting on the sidelines instead of running the court.

So what is the exact cause of this pain? Well a neuroma is defined as a buildup of tissue around a nerve that pinches the nerve, so it can no longer supply the area that it is supposed to. There is a nerve that runs in between the upper long bones of your third and fourth toes, this nerve can become pinched by the bones or it can be pinched by a buildup of tissue and it will no longer supply the area between these two toes, resulting in pain! This is common in golfers and tennis players because they spin on the ball of their foot, which can cause the nerve to become pinched. This is also very common from wearingshoesthat are too small.

So what can your local podiatrist Dr. Shah at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care do for you if you are experiencing these symptoms? The most important thing is REST! Tylenol and ibuprofen would be recommended for the pain, and a custom fit shoe insert would be made to stabilize your foot.

By Nrupa Shah