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It’s one thing to have your foot run over by a car. It’s another thing when the person riding in the car is Oprah Winfrey. On October 27, 2014 Lori Bender had the opportunity to meet Oprah--but probably not under the circumstances she had hoped for. Bender was on her way into the same restaurant Oprah was leaving and on her way in she somehow managed to find her foot (more specifically, her toe) under the tire of Oprah’s SUV. Oprah was very concerned and got out of the SUV to check and see if she was alright. Bender was fine and did not suffer any injuries although she said if the vehicle would have went any further it would’ve crushed her ankle.

 Crush injuries of the foot and ankle are something your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Monroe and Edison, NJ are highly trained to manage and treat. Although this mechanism of injury is more rare, it is still treated the same. The more common crush injury is the person who drops a heavy object on their foot. These types of injuries can be very detrimental to the patient as it can cause tingling and numbing of the foot, disruption of the blood supply to a bone causing it to die, infection if something penetrates the skin, and compartment syndrome which is increased pressure and edema in specific regions of your foot and leg. If you have sustained one of these injuries it is extremely important that you get medical help as soon as possible because the quicker a crush injury is cared for the better the results and quality of life later on down the road.

 Lori Bender was fortunate that she did not suffer any injuries and that only her toe was involved. Likewise, she also got to meet one of the most powerful women in the world today! Now, I’m not a proponent of people running around trying to get their foot run over to meet celebrities, but this story is intriguing in that that’s how Mrs. Bender was able to meet the one-and-only, Oprah Winfrey.

 By Varun Gujral



With only a few games left in the MLB post-season, players not competing in the World Series action are getting healed up and ready to go for another long season next year. Of those players is 9-time All-Star Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Miguel Cabrera is the starting first baseman for the Tigers and one of their most valued assets. He underwent surgery to remove some bone spurs and to repair a stress fracture on the inside of his foot near his arch.

Bone spurs can be extremely painful and uncomfortable especially for high-level athletes. A bone spur is most commonly found on the bottom of your heel bone and is usually a result of plantar fasciitis--your plantar fascia (a ligament) actually pulls on your heel bone resulting in a pointy bone spur. Most of the time, however, these spurs are asymptomatic meaning they don’t cause any pain or discomfort. This is usually true for the day-to-day persons but for professional athletes, they are on a whole other level in terms of movement patterns, weight distribution, and physical activity so their tendons and ligaments are pulling on their bones at a much greater force than we’re used to. If you are experiencing pain, though, please don’t hesitate to call your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Monroe and Edison, NJ. There are many treatment options available to help negate those painful symptoms. Conservative treatment consists of padding under the heel, custom insoles/orthotics, and steroid injections. If these treatments do not work, usually after six months, there is the option to have it surgically removed.

Heel spurs are quite common but do not usually cause pain or discomfort. In fact, many of you may have heel spurs right now and not even know about it. On the other hand, if you are experiencing pain under your heel, do not wait for it to go away as it can become very burdensome and you will want to get treated as soon as possible. Always remember that your local podiatrists at AFA Care are just a phone call away.

 By Nrupa Shah


With the NBA regular season tip-off two weeks away, teams are currently playing their exhibition games. Although it is still preseason, head coaches still want their star players on the court. While they only play limited minutes it’s important that they’re on the court in order to mentor the rookies, get a feel for how the team is playing relative to practice, and because--probably the main reason--they don’t like sitting on the bench! But there is always that risk of injury (with any sport) and that’s something coaches and players have to take into consideration. With that said, reigning MVP Kevin Durant suffered a fracture on the outside of his foot on Saturday...during practice! Of course, any professional player can sustain an injury during any point-in-time during their career it’s just very unfortunate that it had to happen while practicing. An upside to him fracturing it now is that he will be back with ample time left in the season so it shouldn’t hinder the Thunder’s chance for a playoff berth.

 The injury Durant suffered is called a Jones fracture. A Jones fracture is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal (on the outside or lateral side of the foot) approximately 3/4-inches from the base. There is a debate as to whether or not fractures should be treated conservatively or surgically and it all depends on the severity of the fracture, the “type” of patient (i.e., professional athlete vs. regular patient), and the surgeon. In Durant’s case, he is a professional athlete who needs to be back on the court as soon as possible and the Thunder’s medical staff is leaning towards surgical intervention (because that’s what they feel will get him back on the court the quickest). However, there have been other professional athletes who have sustained fractures that were treated conservatively and the results were just as good. Surgical and conservative treatment options both have positives and negatives each of which will be measured properly by medical professionals.

 The fifth metatarsal is the most common fractured metatarsal and the fracture can occur at many different points within the bone. Your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison, NJ are highly trained surgical specialists who are able to diagnose and treat any type of fracture in the foot. So if you experience pain on the outside of your foot and there was some type of trauma associated with it, odds are it is a fracture, so please don’t hesitate to call our office and make an appointment. We wish Kevin Durant a speedy recovery and hope he returns without any complications!

 By Varun Gujral


By Nrupa Shah
October 09, 2014
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Pedicures are very popular throughout the world. They are extremely popular before bachelorette parties, weddings, and prior to big vacation getaways. Now, when I say pedicure, you’re probably thinking of putting your feet in a warm foot bath with bubbles, the technician using a pumice stone on your foot and then caring for your toenails. Well, what if I were to tell you that’s not what I’m talking about this time. Because I’m actually referring to a ‘fish pedicure’. That’s right! No technicians needed, just a tank full of toothless carp or Gara ruffa. This not-so-popular practice hit mainstream when the Kardashian sisters had it done in Greece last year.

So what does it entail? Exactly what you think--immersing your feet in a tank full of these fish and letting them feast on your dead skin. There is, however, some controversy of this technique; the main concern being animal cruelty. The fish apparently have to be starved in order for them to be hungry enough to consume the customer’s dead skin. Second, how sanitary can this actually be? You can probably ask that question about anything, but when it comes to fish, dead skin, hot water, and the human body there definitely needs to be some talk as to whether this practice is clean or not. Your standard pedicures can be very healthy for your feet, they can also be detrimental. They have the potential to cause athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis) and even discolored nails (onychomycosis), both of which are caused by a fungus. While I am unaware of the negative results of the ‘fish pedicure’ I think it’s safe to say that they pose the same detrimental effect.

Athlete’s foot is comprised of itching and burning and your foot will look red and spotty. To fight this problem, try using and anti-fungal powder in your shoes and wash all of your bedding and clothing with bleach. If your nails appear discolored, you may need to make an appointment with your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center in Monroe and Edison, NJ. Discolored nails are harder to treat with over the counter (OTC) products and should be cared for by a podiatrist. Pedicures of all sorts are extremely popular but please be aware of the side effects associated with them. 

By Nrupa Shah

By Varun Gujral
October 01, 2014
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Today marks the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month and I would like to pay tribute to all of the cancer survivors out there by saying ‘Keep Strong and Battle On’! I could not imagine what it’s like to have to deal with breast cancer or any type of cancer for that. But I do know that the people who do deal with it are some of the strongest people I have come across. With that are the people who support these survivors. They are among the most beneficent and loyal a person can be. And that’s all cancer survivors and all of their supporters throughout the world, in my opinion.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is also the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second most common cause of death among women. Breast cancer, interestingly enough, can occur in men but very rarely. It’s said that each year 2,150 men will be diagnosed and 410 will die. Breast cancer also has the potential to metastasize and the most common sites are bone, brain, lung, and liver. While bone is one of the most common sites, metastatic tumors are rarely found in the foot and ankle but your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison, NJ are highly trained to manage and treat metastatic tumors of the lower extremity if need be.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women today and the second most common cause of death. You can perceive those numbers however you want, but when it comes down to it the women fighting this disease are among the strongest out there! To help these women fight it you can visit the following sites to either make a donation or to volunteer in your local area:



Like I said previously, ‘Keep Strong and Battle On’!

By Varun Gujral