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2016 is here and hopefully the year started out well for everyone and will be a successful one for all. Now for some people the year started out with a bad headache, most likely you know what caused it. However, for some people the New Year may have started out with foot pain and you may be wondering why. The answer to that may have something to do with the shoes you wore the night before. Common party foot wear often leads to short term pain the next day. Many feel it’s a small price to pay for style however, that short term pain can lead to long term damage down the road. Let’s take a look at some common party foot wear and the potential problems they could cause. Any shoe that comes to a point in the toe area, whether it’s high heeled or not, will squish your toes together causing much pain and discomfort. Do this too often and it could lead to hammertoe deformities and bunions.

Pumps are often thought of as being a stylish yet sensible shoe. They have a wide toe area, are low heeled, and usually wide fitting. The one problem with pumps is that they commonly made of leather and often lead to chafing in the heel. Over time the chafing will cause a Haglund’s Deformity also known as pump bump. If you do want to wear these shoes but avoid getting pump bump you can try putting some padding in the heal area of your shoe such as a thin piece of felt cut into the shape of your heel. Platform shoes come in various styles, from high heels with thick soles to flat forms where you are basically walking on a flat platform. Many claim to feel more secure in these shoes but they have the tendency to force wearers to develop a type of stomping walk. This will cause unneeded pressure on the joints of the feet leading to sore feet, arch pain, and calluses.

Stilettos are very popular party shoes that are very dangerous for the wearer’s feet and ankles. Stilettos are high heeled shoes that can have a heel of four inches or more. This causes the wearer to basically walk around on their tip toes which will make them very unstable and can lead to them tripping or spraining their ankle. These are some of the more common shoes worn at parties or other social gatherings as well as common problems associated with them.

We here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care wish you a happy New Year and hope that it has started out great for you and will bring you much success throughout the year. If you think you are suffering from foot pain caused by you foot wear or would like more information about foot wear and foot pain, please make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe, NJ.

By Nrupa Shah


Take control of your diabetes. Besides keeping your blood glucose at your ideal target range, if you haven’t already, consider a podiatrist as part of your health care team to help you manage and take control of your health. Our team at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care is always ready to collaborate with your other health care team members. Regular appointments, education about diabetic foot care and your situation is a powerful enabler along your road of health. Diet and exercise can always be strong advocate.   

Every day foot checks. Take the time DAILY to inspect your bare feet. Look for changes, swelling, redness, blisters, rashes, or cuts. Someone else or a mirror may be helpful if you are unable to see the bottom of your feet. If you have concerns contact your podiatrist immediately, it is essential to maintain open communication with your podiatrist about the condition of your feet.

Foot hygiene. It is important to wash your feet on a daily basis, and it is just as important to dry your feet, especially in between your toes after a proper wash. If you are an individual who sweats a lot, consider options to change your socks throughout the day. Maintaining an environment for your feet that avoids moisture and dampness is ideal. If you choose to have pedicures done at a salon, consider bringing your own pedicure kit to avoid infection.

Keep blood flow in mind. As you go about your day, consider ways to enhance your body’s ability to keep blood flowing to your feet. Never sit or sit crossed legged for long periods of time. If possible elevate feet when sitting. Choose not to smoke, and do your best to remain hydrated. Habitual toe wiggling/crunching and ankle movement in 2-3 repetitions for 5 minutes throughout the day better maintains circulation to feet. Guard your feet against cold and hot temperatures. Test water temperatures, and do not use heating pads and blankets on your feet because burns can happen and you may not even realize it.

Never walk bare feet. It is smart to wear shoes and socks at all times to avoid sustaining an injury you are unaware of.  Before putting on shoes check the shoe and lining to insure they are smooth and there is nothing inside that may cause friction, blister, or injury. 

As podiatrists at Affiliate Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison NJ we pride ourselves in being able to serve you with the best custom to you diabetic foot care in the area. If you have questions or would like more information about diabetic foot care call 732-662-3050 make your appointment.

By Varun Gujral

The 17 year old daughter of Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, recently took home the mirror ball trophy after winning “Dancing With The Stars”. The win didn’t come easy for her though, she had several emotional struggles after dances dedicated to her late father Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” who passed away in 2006.  Furthermore, she sustained an ankle injury in the early weeks of the show but with proper treatment and a strong will, she managed to come back for the win. Sprained ankles are common injuries among dancers and other athletes as well as among everyday people too. A sprained ankle occurs when one or more of the ligaments supporting the ankle are either completely or partially torn.

Sprained ankles occur when you twist or roll your foot in a motion it isn’t intended too with a great force. This is very common among dancers as they leap during their dance routines. If they land on their feet the wrong way or push off wrong, the force can tear those supporting ligaments. This can also happen during everyday tasks such as walking around. If you happen to step on an object you don’t see and slip or step off a sidewalk wrong you can easily sprain your ankle. The first symptom you will probably notice following an ankle sprain is pain around your ankle. It will be a sharp pain at first that turns into a throbbing pain. There will also be some swelling, warmth, and redness in the area as well.

Ankle sprains are commonly diagnosed based on patient history and a physical exam. X-rays will be taken to rule out fractures or any other possible problems. Ankle sprains are commonly treated following the acronym RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. By doing this, it will reduce the swelling and promote healing which will get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. In order to prevent future injuries, ankle strengthening exercises can be performed such as moving your ankles in a circle in the air or writing the alphabet with your toes in the air. Once you are sure your ankle injury is healed, you can do more resistance type exercises such as step ups or walking on your toes as well as stretching your ankle with a towel.

With proper treatment and rehabilitation, you too can come back from an ankle injury like Bindi did to win “Dancing With The Stars”. We here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe, NJ congratulate Bindi Irwin on her recent victory of dancing with the stars. If you think you are suffering from an ankle sprain or would like more information about ankle sprains, please make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care.

By Nrupa Shah