By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
January 04, 2017
Category: Senior Foot Care
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Icy roads, snowy driveways and slushy parking lots mean we at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care will be seeing an increase in foot and ankle injuries caused by slips and falls. There’s not much chance of escaping winter weather here in New Jersey but there are ways to reduce your risk of taking a spill. Here are 5 ways to avoid a winter fall:

  1. When the weather outside is frightful, stay home! It may sound obvious, but avoiding going out when the conditions are slippery is the best way to reduce your risk of slipping on ice or snow. Try to keep a supply of staples on hand so that you can get by for a day or two without a trip to the grocery store if the weather is bad.
  2. Don’t rush. If you’re in a hurry to catch the bus, get into your office or make an appointment you’re more likely to miss that icy patch in the parking lot or slip in the slush. Rushing distracts you from being alert to the conditions of the places where you are walking. Quick steps cause you to be less stable as well.
  3. Wear weather-proof shoes. This means shoes or boots with heavy soles that have good traction. Dress shoes, pumps and high-heeled boots may make a fashion statement but they can also result in an ankle sprain or other injury if you count on them for navigating slippery conditions.
  4. Don’t forget your gloves. You want to be able to keep your hands out of your pockets to aid with balance. Also, avoid carrying children and packages on icy surfaces because that can also throw off your balance and increase the likelihood of a fall.
  5. Do the penguin. If you have no choice but to walk on snowy or icy spots, take short shuffling steps and keep your feet as flat as possible for greatest stability.

If you do take a tumble and injure your foot or ankle follow the RICE regimen: rest, ice, compression and elevation and make an appointment to come into our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office by calling 732-662-3050 as soon as possible. One of our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah will examine your foot and determine if a sprain, fracture or other injury has occurred and if so, what the best treatment will be.