One of the most popular shows on TV today is “Dancing with the Stars”, and I know that we are all envious of how everyone on the show can move and ‘shake it’. And I guarantee we all wish we could look that good when we dance instead of looking silly! But the dancers and stars are putting a lot of stress on their feet, and are at risk for multiple different injuries. One major injury these dancers are at risk for is a ruptured Achilles tendon.  I’m sure everyone has heard of that, but where and what exactly is an Achilles tendon? Feel the back of your ankle, that hard thing that is going down to the back of your heel, that is your Achilles tendon. It attaches your calf muscles to your heel and is very important is helping stabilize and move your foot; so you can imagine that rupturing this tendon would be devastating.

How exactly does a rupture occur? A common way for the stars to get this by starting strenuous activity after a period of inactivity; another common way to injury this tendon is by suddenly flexing your foot upward or downward when landing on it. Dancing is a very common place to see this injury, along with other sports such as football and basketball.

The symptoms common with this injury include hearing and feeling a pop or snap at the back of the heel followed by an intense, sharp pain going up the back of the leg. There will be an inability to flex the foot downward, so there will be an inability to walk properly on the foot.

If you have any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately! An injury like this is very serious and will require surgery and a period of rehabilitation.  Fortunately your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison are here to help!


By Nrupa Shah