Skinny jeans are definitely becoming a fashion statement in today’s generation. They can be worn with virtually anything and from what I hear they are extremely comfortable. But, based on a story out of Australia, I would recommend wearing them while you’re doing any kind of strenuous activity—stick with some sort of lose clothing for that. A 35-year old woman was helping her friend move and she was doing a lot of bending and squatting throughout the day. Your legs and feet naturally get more swollen than any other part of your body because of gravity and they are part of the body that’s furthest from the heart. With that said, the woman started getting more uncomfortable as the day progressed when she eventually had to go to the emergency room and have her pants cut off from her. The doctors said she developed a mild case of compartment syndrome by compressing her peroneal and tibial nerves.

Compartment syndrome is extremely rare. The leg and foot are divided into different compartments; the leg having 4 compartments and the foot having 9 (depending on what source you read). These compartments can become inflamed and fill with fluid and compress on nerves and vessels within the compartment causing lack of oxygen to any part further down from it and numbness and tingling in that leg or foot. The only feasible treatment for compartment syndrome is a fasciotomy. That involves relieving the pressure in that area by making an incision to release any fluid or swelling. Compartment syndrome is most commonly seen in the lower extremity so your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care of Monroe and Edison, NJ know exactly what it takes to treat and care for patients who have experienced this rare phenomenon.

Again, compartment syndrome is extremely rare but if you or someone you know have any symptoms of suddenly swollen legs/feet, numbness and tingling, and extreme pain please go to the emergency room as soon as possible. This syndrome can cause loss of limb if not treated in a timely manner.

By Varun Gujral