By Nrupa Shah
May 13, 2015
Category: Ankle Sprain

Prior to musicians performing a concert they must go through hours of practice making sure everything from the sound to the lights is perfect. Along with practicing, however, comes the chance of injuring themselves. Britney Spears unfortunately had that happen to her. She apparently jumped up and landed wrong on her foot and it twisted, potentially spraining or fracturing her ankle. This has caused her to cancel some of her ‘Piece of Me’ concert dates.

It’s not surprising that performers sprain their ankles and I’m not sure why it doesn’t happen more often. Reason being, most of them—women being more common—wear high heels. If you have read any of our past blogs it’s evident that we don’t condone wearing high heels because it increases the chance of foot and ankle injury. Now dancing and spinning on stage while in high heels is a whole other ball game and we at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located  in Monroe and Edison, NJ surely don’t tell our patients to do that either. Britney was said to have finished her practice session after injuring her foot which means she probably did not break any bones. This means she will have to be off her foot for at least a week while icing and elevating it and allowing the swelling to subside. The last thing she wants to do is continue twisting on it and potentially tearing some major ligaments or even fracturing part of her foot.

Performers put in a lot more effort than we all think in order to put on the best show possible. A lot of work goes into lighting, sound, and especially the choreography and that is obviously what causes the most damage. It is the repetitive jumping and twisting they do whilst in high heels. If there is any advice I can give to any women out there it would be: do not wear high heels, especially while dancing! We hope Britney has a speedy recovery and gets back on stage as soon as possible.

By Nrupa Shah