Ankle sprains and fractures are common foot and ankle problems that occur while playing any sports. Fractures are usually defined as breaking one or more bone. Sprains are usually defined as damage to ligaments.  A ligament sprain can range from microscopic tears to a complete tear or rupture.  It is very essential to take care of ankle fracture and sprain in proper way by going to your podiatrist and getting treated properly.

When talking about ankle injury during sports, it reminds me of New York Yankees captain, Derek Jeter, who broke his left ankle while trying to catch the field ball against the Detroit Tigers on October 13, 2012. Jeter went under ankle surgery on October 20, 2012. The Yankees estimated that recovery time for Jeter is about four to five months.

Ankle fractures and Sprains are treated differently depending on their severity. Ankle sprains are often treated with pneumatic boot and brace to immobilize and physical therapy to strengthen the ligament. Fractures are treated with cast. Non- displaced fractures are treated with cast to heal properly for several weeks then physical therapy to gain the strength and function of the ankle ligaments. Displaced ankle fractures often require surgery. After the surgery, the ankle is immobilized in the cast for six to eight weeks to heal then physical therapy to recover and gain the strength and function of the ankle.

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By Nupra Shah