The sun is shining and it’s finally getting warm out! You know what that means...barbecues with the neighbors, going to the beach, and hitting the links with your friends. It also means your skin is being exposed to sun and the littlest amount of sunlight is all it takes. With sun exposure means proper skin protection and who else better to vouch for that than actor Hugh Jackman of the hit movie series X-Men. Hugh Jackman has had his bouts with skin cancer, and recently had cancer removed on his nose. Even though it was on his nose, it’s safe to say you can get cancer anywhere; including your feet!

First, the most important tip is to wear proper sunscreen. One thing people don’t realize is, even when it’s cloudy out you can still get sunburns. Before you plan on doing anything that involves being outside for extended periods of time apply a layer or two of no-less than SPF-30 sunscreen. This will help protect you from the sun and keep your skin healthy.

Second, if you do notice something “different” with your skin, get it checked early! Skin on the feet is equally as important as skin on the rest of your body and the podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ are here to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. However, not only does cancer like your skin, it also likes your toenails. So, again, if you notice any changes in your skin or toenails, do not hesitate to make an appointment at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care today.

Lastly, don’t let the sun deter you from going outside. Sun can also be a good thing as it provides your body with an extra source of vitamin D which is needed for strong healthy bones. As always, though, if you do plan on spending a day at the beach or playing 18 holes, please remember to protect you and your skin and wear sunscreen. Hugh Jackman said it, “Tell your readers: get check-ups, wear sunscreen. It’s all about prevention.”

 By Varun Gujral