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June 26, 2018
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Little feet require special care to stay healthy during the summer months. Here at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care our podiatrists, Dr. Varun (Ben) Gujral and Dr. Nrupa Shah, want parents to know that many summer foot mishaps can be prevented. Below are three of the more frequent foot problems they see in young patients during the summer months and what can be done to avoid them:

Wounds—puncture wounds, deep cuts, items embedded in the foot, and jellyfish stings are all common reasons children come into our Edison, Monroe and Monmouth Junction offices during June, July, and August. The easiest way to reduce or eliminate these risks is by keeping feet covered. Sturdy sneakers for yard games and water shoes for the beach can keep the fun going without the interruption of an injury.

 Fungal infectionswarts, athlete’s foot, and fungal toenails are all more prevalent in children than adults. Why? Children are more careless about avoiding coming in contact with surfaces that may have been touched or walked on by someone with a viral, fungal or bacterial infection. Teach your children to not share socks, shoes, towels, flip-flops or other items that touch someone else’s feet. Make sure children wear flip-flops or shower shoes when walking around a town pool or going to use the restrooms at the lake or beach. Fungi love warm, moist places and public venues where people walk barefoot are prime breeding grounds. Washing your children’s feet every night with soap and water can also reduce the risk of infections. If a child does get an infection on his or her feet, be sure to sterilize the shower floor before other family members use it and don’t share bedding. Encourage your child not scratch even if it itches and to wash his or her hands immediately if they do touch an infected area. This will help prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Ankle sprains—flip-flops are so easy to slip on and make a quick exit to go out and play but the few minutes saved by not putting on the sneakers could result in days sidelined from summer fun because of an ankle sprain. Running and playing in flip-flops is dangerous. The shoes provide no support to any part of the feet and are also difficult to keep on. Another cause of ankle sprains is sneakers that are stretched out and worn and no longer hold the ankle snugly in place.

If your child does complain of foot pain over the summer, whether the cause is obvious or not, contact our New Jersey offices for an appointment by calling: 732-662-3050.