By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
June 01, 2017
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Osteoporosis is a disease that affects bone strength. It occurs when your body does not produce enough bone, loses a substantial amount of bone or both. You may be wondering why we at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care want to share information about this disease with our patients. It’s because nearly a quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet! In honor of National Osteoporosis Month, now is an ideal time to spread the word about increasing the strength and health of your bones.

Facts and Figures

Half of all Americans over the age of 50 are at risk of breaking a bone due to osteoporosis or low bone density. In addition to age, other risk factors for osteoporosis are a family history of the disease, being a post-menopausal woman and having a body type that is small and thin.

Be Proactive about Bone Health

The good news about osteoporosis is that there are several ways you can take action now—regardless of how old you are—to help strengthen and protect your bones.

Work it Out—when you are inactive, bone mineral and muscle mass are lost at a very fast rate. Your bone is a living organ and is constantly being renewed. Muscle strengthening exercise (such as weight lifting) and weight bearing exercise (such as brisk walking) provide the tools that help keep bones strong.

Diet Debrief—crash dieting is bad for your bones. Following a diet plan that will help you lose weight gradually or maintain a healthy weight is desirable. It definitely reduces strain on your bones if you are not overweight. Remember to include lots of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D because these are the key nutrients needed for strong bones. In addition to dairy products, look for cereals and juices that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D and add leafy greens such as bok choy, kale and broccoli to your menus as well.

Balancing Act—activities such as Tai-Chi can help increase balance and lessen your risk of falls. Making sure you have properly installed stair rails and keeping pathways in your home clear of clutter are also good ideas.

Talk to Your Foot Doctor—our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah, will be happy to discuss your personal risk factors for osteoporosis and can help you determine if a bone density or other tests are recommended at this time. Contact our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office by calling: 732-662-3050 to schedule an appointment.