By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
July 18, 2016
Category: Proper Foot Care
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As we age it’s natural for the muscles, joints and ligaments of the feet and ankles to start to show some signs of wear and tear but at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care we know that you can lead an active life for many years if you take good care of your feet. Here are some tips to ensure good foot health for seniors:

  • Get in the habit of checking your feet daily. Many diseases and medical issues show up initially in the feet. Conditions such as diabetes, nerve issues, circulatory problems and arthritis can all begin with a foot problem. Changes in shape, color of skin or nails and any unusual lumps or other deformities should be brought to the attention of our podiatrist, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah.
  • Choose footwear wisely. Many foot disorders can be avoided by wearing well-fitting, supportive shoes. Women should avoid high heels which compress your toes and can also decrease balance and ankle stability. Your foot size may change as you age so get a professional to measure your feet and always buy to accommodate the bigger of your two feet.
  • Practice good foot care. Keep nails trimmed short and straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Wash feet daily and dry completely, especially between your toes. Moisturize your feet and use foot powder if you tend to sweat profusely.
  • Keep the blood flowing. Good circulation is critical to overall foot health. Be sure to elevate your feet when sitting or lying down. If you are sitting or riding in the car for extended periods of time take breaks to stretch and walk around. Don’t smoke as this decrease blood circulation.

If you are experiencing consistent pain or discomfort or just have questions about how to protect your feet as you age, contact our Edison, Monmouth Junction or Monroe office by calling 732-662-3050.