By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
March 23, 2017
Category: Sports Injuries
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Although most of us are aware of the benefits of stretching before exercise—warms up your muscles, reduces the chance of injury, etc.—we are often tempted to skip this part of our sport or fitness activity. Well, here at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care we’d like to give you one more good reason to stretch before your workout: stretching can help protect your feet and ankles from injuries and inflammation problems.

What many patients don’t realize is that stretches for your back, knees and calves also benefit your feet. When these other parts of the body are tight, the feet and ankles often suffer as the body tries to compensate for muscle stiffness or pain in other areas. Tight calf muscles, for example, can cause strain on your ankles and be a factor in tendonitis and arch problems. Our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah have experience working with athletes and can make recommendations about your feet and your fitness routine. If you have questions, contact our Monmouth Junction, Edison or Monroe office for an appointment.

Below are some good stretches to try before your next work out to help protect your feet and ankles. Remember to follow the stretch, hold, release pattern—no bouncing!

Wall Push Up – Stand facing a wall, about three feet away from it. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees locked. Place your hands in front of you and lean into the wall. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat 5 times.

Hamstring Stretch – Place your foot on a chair or table that allows you to keep it relatively straight. Keep your balance on your other leg with knee locked. Slowly lower your head over the elevated knee. Stop when you feel your muscles getting tight and hold for a count of 10. Repeat 5 times and then do with the other leg.

Lower Back Stretch – Stand with your legs straight and your feet slightly spread apart. Bending at the waist, attempt to touch the palms of your hands to the floor—only go down until you feel a stretch but not pain! Hold for 10 seconds then release. Repeat 10 times.