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Take control of your diabetes. Besides keeping your blood glucose at your ideal target range, if you haven’t already, consider a podiatrist as part of your health care team to help you manage and take control of your health. Our team at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care is always ready to collaborate with your other health care team members. Regular appointments, education about diabetic foot care and your situation is a powerful enabler along your road of health. Diet and exercise can always be strong advocate.   

Every day foot checks. Take the time DAILY to inspect your bare feet. Look for changes, swelling, redness, blisters, rashes, or cuts. Someone else or a mirror may be helpful if you are unable to see the bottom of your feet. If you have concerns contact your podiatrist immediately, it is essential to maintain open communication with your podiatrist about the condition of your feet.

Foot hygiene. It is important to wash your feet on a daily basis, and it is just as important to dry your feet, especially in between your toes after a proper wash. If you are an individual who sweats a lot, consider options to change your socks throughout the day. Maintaining an environment for your feet that avoids moisture and dampness is ideal. If you choose to have pedicures done at a salon, consider bringing your own pedicure kit to avoid infection.

Keep blood flow in mind. As you go about your day, consider ways to enhance your body’s ability to keep blood flowing to your feet. Never sit or sit crossed legged for long periods of time. If possible elevate feet when sitting. Choose not to smoke, and do your best to remain hydrated. Habitual toe wiggling/crunching and ankle movement in 2-3 repetitions for 5 minutes throughout the day better maintains circulation to feet. Guard your feet against cold and hot temperatures. Test water temperatures, and do not use heating pads and blankets on your feet because burns can happen and you may not even realize it.

Never walk bare feet. It is smart to wear shoes and socks at all times to avoid sustaining an injury you are unaware of.  Before putting on shoes check the shoe and lining to insure they are smooth and there is nothing inside that may cause friction, blister, or injury. 

As podiatrists at Affiliate Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison NJ we pride ourselves in being able to serve you with the best custom to you diabetic foot care in the area. If you have questions or would like more information about diabetic foot care call 732-662-3050 make your appointment.

By Varun Gujral