By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
July 26, 2016
Category: Proper Foot Care
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It’s summer vacation time and while you’re packing for your getaway, Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care wants to remind you to pack a little bag for your feet. No matter where your vacation will be, there are a few items that will protect your feet and make them more comfortable:

Band aids and antibiotic ointment—in case you get a cut or scrape on your foot or a blister that bursts. If you do get a cut, don’t swim in lakes or oceans with it uncovered as bacteria from the water may cause an infection.

Moleskin—new sandals, long hikes or sweaty feet can all lead to blisters developing on your feet. Place a small piece of moleskin over any irritations before a blister develops and try not to wear the same pair of shoes again the next day

Antifungal powder—use daily to help keep feet dry and also fight against fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.  If you tend to sweat profusely, pack extra socks and change when they get too damp.

Nail clippers and emery board—keep nails trimmed straight across and smooth any rough edges when you first notice them to avoid ingrown toenails.

Water bottle—believe it or not, drinking plenty of fluids is one way to help keep your feet and ankles from swelling up on hot days. Drinking lots of water will actually help flush excess fluid from your body.

It’s important to seek professional medical care if you have a problem with your feet or ankles while you are away. If you have an injury or notice any signs of infection—fever, red streaks, an area of the foot that swells and is hot to the touch—get a doctor where you are to check it. When you return, our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah will want to see you so contact us for a follow up appointment at our Monmouth Junction, Edison or Monroe office as soon as possible. Wishing all our patients happy travels this summer!