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By Nrupa Shah
September 05, 2013
Category: Infections

Summer is winding down and we are all trying to squeeze in a few more days of wearing our sandals, and that means one or two last pedicures before our toes are stuffed away in boots for a few months. Now and whenever you go get a pedicure you need to be aware of the risk of getting an infection. This is something none of us want to think about, but it does happen. The only way to get an infection is by the bacteria entering your body through a break in the skin. So here are some helpful tips to prevent getting an infection while getting your toes looking pretty!

Bacteria grow in water, and especially in warm water, which is what your feet are soaked in. So before sticking your toes in the water make sure there are no cuts or scratches on your feet or lower legs. Also wait at least 24 hours after shaving or waxing to get a pedicure; both of these can leave open spaces in the skin for bacteria to enter.

Even if you go to a top end salon and they properly disinfect and clean their tools and equipment an infection can still occur. While getting the pedicure if you notice the pedicurists cut your nail too low or accidently scratch you with a tool tell them to stop immediately, dry off your feet and put antibiotic ointment on immediately!

Sometimes we don’t notice these things or we don’t notice any cuts on our feet and get the full pedicure treatment. If this happens some common signs of an infection include a red, tender spot, it is usually warm and painful to the touch. Nail infections can also be obtained; the signs of this include discolored, thick and flakey nails. If you notice any of these things on your feet, make an appointment with your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care to get your feet checked out!  We are conveniently located in Edison and in Monroe NJ.  If there is an infection present an antibiotic will be prescribed or an ointment if it is a nail infection.

By Nrupa Shah


What exactly is a bunion? This is a deformity of the big toe. When the bone of the big toe becomes enlarged, and the soft tissue swells it causes the big toe to bend inwards towards to other toes, it can lie across the top or go underneath the toes if it bends in enough. This will create what looks like a large bump sticking out from the side of the big toe. The common symptoms of this deformity include pain of the big toe and not being able to fit your foot into shoes because of the toe bending inward.

There are certain biomechanical factors that can cause this to happen. These biomechanical factors are about how your foot moves, your foot rolling inwards or being flat excessively can cause this problem. This is a common problem in women who wear high heels frequently. Sarah Jessica Parker recently released a statement saying that she went and saw a podiatrist because the high heels she was wearing were deforming her feet. When the heel is raised up it puts more pressure on the front of your foot which can cause the big toe to move inward.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you can go see your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care, located in Edison and Monroe NJ,  who can fix the problems associated with bunions. The treatments for this include a bunion splint, which separates the first and second toes, a bunion tapings, which supports the tissues of the big toe, specially made shoe inserts to provide support for your foot or in very severe cases bunion surgery to set the bones back into their original place. The surgery is normally a last resort option when the nonsurgical treatments don’t work.

By Nrupa Shah