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With Thanksgiving past us and the promise of snow to come, it's time to break out the winter boots.  Those who work outside are no strangers to wearing boots to work, but boots offer advantages to men in all walks of life.  Boots are often constructed with a stiff sole and a sturdy arch support.  Quality boots can be worn in the snow and protect your feet from the moisture and the cold.  Many boots are lightweight, comfortable, and great for walking.  Boots are also a stylish choice for many men looking for new dress shoes. A good pair of boots will likely cost you more than $100, but with proper care your boots withstand many years of abuse.

Those with foot and ankle instability will benefit from the stability and comfort of a well constructed boot.  The stiffness of the sole is great for those who suffer from hallux rigidus or hallux limitus, a painful arthritis of the big toe joint.   The height of the boot allows for greater ankle stability as the laces and upper part of the boot extend well past the ankle.  Podiatrists love working with boots because of their size and stability.  The large size of most boots is accommodating for even the largest of orthotic inserts and we know that the shoe will support the foot well.

This holiday, resist the minimalist movement and treat yourself to a classic pair of boots made out of real American materials. Nothing is more manly and stylish than a real pair of leather boots.

If you have any questions about your shoe gear or your feet, make an appointment with your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ today.

by Varun Gujral