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“But baby its cold outside...I simply must go… with Boots, Socks, and moisture wicking active wear!”

Yes, baby it’s cold outside, I know it’s turning to frightful weather out there, so whether you are a person who enjoys running in the snow, or if you head some place magical to snow ski or participate in any other winter sports, please remember what Dr. Gujral here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care can offer before your winter wonderland adventures begin.

When it’s wet and cold it is always important to wear waterproof boots. Becoming wet when it is cold isn’t safe and will affect your body circulation and temperature, especially to your hands and feet. UNLESS you are Elsa from Frozen and, “…the cold never bothered me anyway!” I imagine Elsa would just wear the winter boots and socks just for a fashion statement. ANYWAY, if you get wet and cold, know your limit and seek shelter and warmth. Wearing warm socks in addition to waterproof boots are a wise choice in foot care. Wool socks can fulfill this need. If you are skiing, snowboarding or ice skating only wear footwear that is specifically designed for that activity.

Cold lessens body flexibility, so take the time to stretch out good. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking where it will only provide temporary warmth, constrict blood vessels, impair judgement.  To improve cold hands and feet incorporate foods in your diet that are high in omega-3s, and iron. Invest in outdoor active wear from a sporting goods store that offer moisture wicking capabilities. You may prepare yourself for the cold so well you may end up sweaty, your feet especially wearing wool socks! When your feet become damp or moist bacterial infections are more likely to appear. Add in foot baths to improve your regular foot care. Foot powder may also be used to improve dryness and avoid infection.

Lastly, when it comes to your kids and winter footwear, it is soo tempting to buy snow boots that may be larger than needed so your child has room to “grow” into them, or have them for next year. Avoid this, proper footwear is fitting the foot now. In addition to blisters, chaffing, and discomfort, other foot and ankle injuries can occur when winter boots are not sized and fitted properly. Be safe out there this winter, but if injury occurs, let us be your choice here in Edison and Monroe.  

By Varun Gujral