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What exactly is this? It is just extra bone growing off of normal bone. This seems like a strange thing to happen in our bodies, so how does bone that’s not supposed to be there, grow? These spurs grow in response to pressure, rubbing or stress on the normal bone. In the foot this typically happens in places where tendons attach to the foot and “pull” on the bone, causing new bone to grow. This is a common sports injury in professional basketball players.  Both Kobe Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers and Deron Williams, of the Brooklyn Nets, suffer from bone spurs.

When people think of spurs they normally think of harmless, smooth, rounded “bumps” of bone, and this is normally what bones spurs are. But sometimes these spurs can be sharper or rubbing against tendons or muscles and can be painful. In the foot a very common place for this to happen is in the heel; this is called a heel spur. This can form from the tendons attaching to the heel being used heavily in exercise; they are also very common in women who wear high heels frequently!

Most people who have bone spurs don’t even know it, and could have them their entire lives and never need them treated. However in some cases, like Kobe’s and Deron’s, the bone spur causes a lot of pain and needs to be taken care of. The way to find out if a bone spur is the cause of your foot is pain is to make an appointment  at your local  podiatrist and get an x-ray.  The doctors at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care, located in Edison and Monroe NJ, can help make the proper diagnosis for your foot pain!

If a bone spur is the cause of your pain there are three ways to approach the problem. The treatment can be directed at what is causing the bone spur, the symptoms or the bone spur itself can be treated. Excessive weight and strain on the tendons of your feet are common causes, so a treatment based on causes could be weight loss or reduced or changed activity. To treat the symptoms can be done by NSAIDs or shoe inserts to relieve the stress off your foot. And lastly to actually treat the spur itself your podiatrist can surgically remove the spur.

By:  Varun Gujral


I’m sure everyone has heard about Kobe Bryant’s devastating injury, and the fact that his season, maybe even career is over. So what exactly happened to him? Kobe ruptured his Achilles tendon. If you feel at the back of your ankle, you feel a long hard thing that is your Achilles tendon. This is where your calf muscles attach to your heel bone to keep your foot and ankle stable.

A rupture/tear of this tendon can occur by suddenly pointing your toe up or down and landing on the foot in a weird position. There is an area of this tendon called the watershed area; this is a weak area of the tendon because it doesn’t receive as much blood supply as the rest of the tendon so it is more likely to be injured there. It is very common for this injury to occur in athletes playing basketball or football.

The common signs and symptoms of this injury include swelling and pain at the back of the ankle, hearing a “popping” noise when the injury occurs, and a positive Simmonds test.  When you see your podiatrist, he will perform the Simmonds test, which is when he squeezes your calf muscles and looks at the movement of your foot.  It is considered a positive test when there is no movement of the foot, and the patient is unable to point his toes downward.

Your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Edison and Monroe NJ can take care of you if you feel that you have experienced this kind of injury. The first thing the podiatrist will do is look at the ankle and perform tests like the above described Simmonds test, and then he will order an MRI to confirm his diagnosis.

If an Achilles tear is diagnosed, surgery will be required. The tendon will be stitched back together and then stabilized for a few months to allow the tendon to repair. After surgery physical therapy will be required to regain strength in the foot and leg. Kobe Bryant will require surgery and a lot of rehab therapy if he wants to return to the Lakers anytime soon!

 by Varun Gujral