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The Jones’ always have everything, they even have a foot fracture named after them! This is when the bone of your pinky toe breaks, but not at the toe, the fracture is at the end of the toe bone near the ankle. You can fracture this bone by your ankle being above your foot, while your foot is facing inward and downward. Seems like a weird and unimaginable position, but it is common for athletes to manage to get their foot into this position and break this bone. One sport this is very common in is soccer, if you talked to Mia Hamm she would tell you that getting your foot into this position isn’t as difficult as you would think, and the resulting fracture can bench a player for months.

What are the specific symptoms of a Jones fracture? There will be sudden pain in the fifth toe near the ankle, with possibly deformities seen through the skin. There will be an inability to wear shoes and put any pressure on the foot. This is a serious injury and will require treatment from a podiatrist to fix the fracture. 

It can be fixed with a technique called immediate fixation, which is when the foot is set and casted for 6-8 weeks, with no weight bearing. This is the preferred fix for athletes because it allows a quicker return to the sport; however re-fracture is a lot more likely with this than with the surgical fix. The surgical fix for this injury includes going in and placing plates and screws to heal and stabilize the fracture, so the chances of a re-fracture are far less than with the immobilization. After both the surgery and immobilization fix physical therapy is required to rebuild the muscle strength in the foot.

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By: Varun Gujral