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During a recent episode of “Live with Kelly and Michael”, Kelly Ripa appeared on stage with a new set of accessories. Ripa came out on a pair of crutches wearing an orthopedic boot on her left foot. Ripa revealed to the audience that she was attending a dance class and jumping up and down and at some point landed on a weight that someone left out causing her to roll her foot. There was a loud audible popping sound like bubble wrap popping. Ripa was taken to the emergency room where it was revealed that she broke 4 bones in her foot but also that she had anomaly in her foot as well. It was revealed the Ripa was born with a calcaneonavicular coalition which is where two bones in her foot are fused together. This is a relatively benign condition and most people who have it don’t even realize it until it is discovered while looking for something else as in Ripa’s case.

In some cases a coalition of two bones may result in pain or limitation of motion which will require surgical separation of the two bones. Foot and ankle injuries are common among dancers from professional dancers to recreational dancers. In Ripa’s case it was an unfortunate accident that she happened to land on a weight that someone else left out and rolled her foot. In most dance related injuries, they are often due to overuse or repetitive trauma over time. Common dance injuries include tendonitis and stress fractures. Tendonitis is inflammation or irritation of the tendons.

Tendonitis often develops over time as a result of repetitive trauma on the affected tendon. Some of the common signs and symptoms of tendonitis include pain that gradually worsens over time around the area of the affected tendon as well and a gradual stiffening or loss of motion of the joints that are controlled by that tendon. Tendonitis can easily be treated by stopping the activity that is causing it and allowing time for the tendon to recover. Stress fractures are tiny hairline fractures of the bones that like tendonitis occur from repetitive trauma to the area. Some common symptoms include pain in the affected area especially when bearing weight as well pain when applying pressure to the affected area. Like tendonitis, stress fractures require ample rest and recovery time to allow for proper healing. We here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Edison and Monroe, NJ wish Kelly Ripa a speedy recovery. If you think you suffered a dance injury or other type of overuse injury or would like more information about overuse injuries please make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe, NJ.

By Nrupa Shah