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By Varun Gujral
September 02, 2015
Category: Sports Injury

The regular season of the PGA Tour comes to an end in July but the FedEx Cup Championship starts in August—and it starts in Edison, NJ home of your local podiatrists of Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care. Golf is a very leisurely sport but with it can come with major problems, especially related to the foot and ankle. The most common foot and ankle problems golfers complain of are heel pain, metatarsalgia (or ball-of-the-foot pain), and tendinitis.  All of these common ailments can be treated by conservative measures and they are complaints that your local podiatrists are experts in treating.

 There is one common treatment option, which unfortunately does not require the advice of a physician and that is—REST.  Resting any injured part gives your body time to heal by reducing the amount of strain it is used to having on it. Along with rest is ice compression, and elevation…also known as, RICE. This is the go-to treatment option and it’s typically done before patients are even seen in the office. If these measures fail, more aggressive conservative treatments are warranted. Those treatments usually include, in particular order, bracing (for tendinitis), OTC orthotics, custom orthotics (both for heel and foot pain), physical therapy (for all complaints, but mainly tendinitis) and steroid injections (heel and foot pain). Steroid injections are not warranted for tendinitis due to their deleterious effects on tendon strength and healing. There are even more aggressive treatments that can be done but are not usually warranted because these treatments typically cure the pain. For completeness sake, other conservative treatments are cryosurgery and shockwave therapy, both of which are used mainly for heel pain.

The conditions mentioned above are not only experienced by golfers. These are conditions we see every day and are experts in treating them. If you or anyone you know has experienced any of these pains or discomforts, please do not hesitate to call our office and make an appointment. We also have an office in Monroe, NJ as well. Good luck to the golfers as they finish up the start of the FedEx Cup!

 By Varun Gujral