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By Varun Gujral
March 11, 2015
Category: Ankle Sprain

Music award shows are a time for musicians to showcase their talents, introduce new songs, and put on a great performance. Sometimes though, that is not always the case. Music artists practice hours on hours for their show but that doesn’t mean everything will go as planned. That said, I think it is safe to say Madonna knows a thing or two about practice not making performances perfect. At the 2015 Brit Music Awards Madonna got to know the stage all too well. She was dressed in high heels, a dress, and a long cape—which of those do you think caused the fall? Believe it or not, nothing she did caused the fall—one of the backstage dancers was supposed to remove Madonna’s cape and in doing so, the cape got stuck to her and the dancer pulled her down. So, with the accumulation of high heels and a faulty cape-unraveling Madonna took a tumble.

High heels are definitely not the easiest shoes to walk in let alone perform in. It’s amazing to me when I see musicians on stage doing what they do in high heels. What I think really catches my attention is that we don’t hear a lot about injuries of performers. That could be because they want to keep it private or it just doesn’t happen that often because they are that good! Who knows?! What I do know is that I wouldn’t condone any random person off the streets to do it without proper training. Those who wear high heeled shoes are at a high risk of breaking or spraining their ankle. If you have had a bad bout with high heels please don’t hesitate to call your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Monroe and Edison, NJ. We are highly trained foot and ankle surgeons who manage and treat any problem associated with your lower extremity. Most of these injuries are treated conservatively, meaning with rest, ice, compression, and elevation—or RICE. If that does not seem to do the trick you might need to wear a brace for added support while still doing RICE treatment. If these treatments don’t work over a period of about 4 months, surgery may be the next option. However, this is rarely the case.

Musicians are professionals and have been dancing on stage for most of their lives—with and without bizarre shoes—so they know what to do while up there. That’s not to say nothing will happen, as what happened in Madonna’s case. Even though it wasn’t all her fault, she still took a spill for the whole world to see.

By Varun Gujral

“I do!” are the two words you will start to hear a lot this time of season. Why? Everyone seems to be getting married. And it’s definitely the prime time to do so; perfect weather, kids are out of school, and you’ve been working on that beach-bod. But, with weddings come bridal parties and with bridal parties come...you guessed it...high heels! They are a podiatrist’s “arch” enemy (no pun intended). Okay, maybe not our enemy, but they certainly are causes to a lot of foot problems which are addressed by your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ. One of the most common injuries seen in patients who wear high heels is lateral ankle sprains. It doesn’t take much for that shoe to come out from underneath you and down you go.

There are a few different ways to help combat this problem. First, try toning the height of the heel down. It is recommend something as high as 1.5-2.5 inches. While this may look more conservative, it will decrease your chances of rolling your ankle. Second, if possible, try wearing a stiff, sturdy shoe. The more compact and rigid the shoe is, the greater amount of support your ankle will receive in return.

However, if you think you did sprain you ankle there are a couple of “signs” to look for. If you see any discoloration (red, blue, purple) of the skin, that might be indicative of a ruptured ligament. It also means your body is trying to repair itself. During the repair process your foot will look and feel red, hot, and swollen. These are some typical signs of any sprain and should be cared for appropriately. RICE--Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation--is the treatment for minor ankle sprains. But, if your swelling doesn’t go down within a day or two by applying the RICE principle, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care.

Weddings are supposed to be fun! But there isn’t any fun in spraining your ankle while walking down the aisle or dancing on the dance floor. Remember, try to wear a more rigid shoe with a smaller heel and this should help reduce your chances of having to RICE!

By Nrupa Shah