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Summer is in full swing now and I’m sure everyone is ready to go running, swimming or play some volleyball. Most likely a majority of us haven’t been very active since last summer! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 8 tips to make sure you and your feet are ready for any summer activity!

  1. Always make sure you stretch out before starting any activity. This will help your muscles get ready and prepare for whatever fun you are about to have! Stretching prevents any sprains or strains that could happen.
  2. Walking!  Going for a brisk 5 minute walk after stretching is also very helpful to your muscles.
  3. Make sure you are wearing the proper shoes for your activity! If you’re going running or playing any type of sport it is best to NOT wear flip flops.
  4. Make sure whatever type of sneakers you’re wearing are comfortable, if your feet are uncomfortable in the shoes you’re wearing you are more likely to get injured.
  5. Make sure you feel the inside of your sneakers for a smooth surface, you will probably be sweating in your shoes and if there is anything inside to irritate your skin this could be bad!
  6. If you must wear any type of sandals make sure yours are supportive and comfortable, flat flip flops are very bad for your feet and can lead to pain and injuries.
  7. Always check out your feet!  Sounds weird right? But looking for any dry or cracked skin and treating it right away can prevent serious skin problems later in the summer.
  8. Make sure to check your toe nails too. Toe nails can become infected, despite how weird that seems. If your nails look a different color or texture you may have an infection.

It is very important to take care of your feet all year round, but starting out new activities in the summer is a very important time to watch how we are treating our feet! A lot of our favorite athletes like Tiger Woods or Roger Federer who play summer sports are very careful about what shoes they’re wearing and how they prepare before they go golf or play tennis. If you do notice any changes in your feet or start to feel any pain after an activity it is important to go see your local podiatrist right away at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Edison and Monroe NJ.

By Varun Gujral