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A lot of women today take pride in the collection of high heels they own, and they love to show them off at work or at events. These shoes may look gorgeous but they are hurting your feet big time! Ask actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Everyone knows she is always sporting the newest heels where ever she goes, but a few months ago she hurt her ankle wearing heels on set and was taken to see a podiatrist. The doctor informed her that after years of wearing heels basically 24/7 her feet had become pretty deformed. With three young children Parker now wears more comfortable shoes during the day, and her feet love it.

So what exactly do your gorgeous heels do to your feet? Many heels are skinny and squeeze in at the end where your toes are. This squishes your feet into a position they normally wouldn’t be in, and this can lead to a bunion, tailors bunion or something called Morton’s neuroma. If you don’t know what all of these things are, you definitely don’t want them! Each condition is painful and requires surgery to fix.

Heels are also bad for your feet because they are placing a majority of your body weight onto the front of your foot, this isn’t normal and your foot bones don’t like it! They weren’t built to handle that kind of stress, and you can develop a stress fracture from the excess force on these bones.

The most common problem associated with heels is ankle sprains. It is very easy to lose your balance when you’re an extra 4 inches off the ground! And as soon as you lose your balance your ankle ligaments aren’t able to handle that stress and give way and are stretched out, which leads to the pain after!

If you do experience any of the above problems after wearing heels make an appointment with your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care!  We are conveniently located in Edison and in Monroe NJ.

By Nrupa Shah


What exactly is a bunion? This is a deformity of the big toe. When the bone of the big toe becomes enlarged, and the soft tissue swells it causes the big toe to bend inwards towards to other toes, it can lie across the top or go underneath the toes if it bends in enough. This will create what looks like a large bump sticking out from the side of the big toe. The common symptoms of this deformity include pain of the big toe and not being able to fit your foot into shoes because of the toe bending inward.

There are certain biomechanical factors that can cause this to happen. These biomechanical factors are about how your foot moves, your foot rolling inwards or being flat excessively can cause this problem. This is a common problem in women who wear high heels frequently. Sarah Jessica Parker recently released a statement saying that she went and saw a podiatrist because the high heels she was wearing were deforming her feet. When the heel is raised up it puts more pressure on the front of your foot which can cause the big toe to move inward.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you can go see your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care, located in Edison and Monroe NJ,  who can fix the problems associated with bunions. The treatments for this include a bunion splint, which separates the first and second toes, a bunion tapings, which supports the tissues of the big toe, specially made shoe inserts to provide support for your foot or in very severe cases bunion surgery to set the bones back into their original place. The surgery is normally a last resort option when the nonsurgical treatments don’t work.

By Nrupa Shah