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The Chicago Air and Water Show is an event put on every year for millions of people to watch. It gives people of all ages the opportunity to see acrobatic jets, loud bombers, and even people jumping out of planes. What most people probably don’t know is that even though most—if not all—of the people who perform in the event are military trained. Not only that, but they have to train for this particular show. Hours and hours of rehearsing must be dedicated towards this event to ensure everything is perfect. However, we all know that no one is perfect and mistakes happen and unfortunately a mistake happened.

Two men, one from the Army Golden Knights and the other from the Navy Leap Frogs, were performing a stunt called the “bomb burst”—parachutists jump with red smoke attached to their back and eventually separate creating a colorful visual in the sky. Everything was going according to plan until their chutes got tangled up. One man, from the Army Golden Knights, is a 20 year old who is still in critical condition and underwent surgery the day of the accident. The other, from the Navy Leap Frogs, broke his leg and was expected to be released Saturday. It is unknown whether or not he had or is going to have surgery or not. The most difficult part about performing surgery on a traumatic patient is the amount of swelling they may have. IF the swelling is too extensive, the surgery must be postponed until the swelling resides unless the surgery far outweighs the risks involved. A way that is typically done, especially if the bones are completely out of place, is to put an external fixator around the broken bones in order to keep them in line while the swelling subsides. The patient must also be monitored for the risk of compartment syndrome. While in the hospital, if this is a concern, the compartment pressures of the leg are usually monitored with a Wicks catheter.

Any traumatic event is devastating but it is even more devastating when it happens to those who serve and protect our country. From everyone here at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Monroe and Edison, NJ, we wish both divers a speedy recovery and thank them both for their service.

By Varun Gujral