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Holiday DIY Feet painting craft is here again! It’s time to crank out the acrylic paint, construction or Scrap paper to make a festive Thanksgiving Turkey with your toddler.


Brown, dark brown, red, white, pink, black, Acrylic Paint.

Canvas: 9x12 inch white canvas if you want to go all out, or a white piece of paper will work fine too (if it turns out you really like your craft and you had chosen the white piece of paper option, you can always cut it out and put it in a picture frame, or laminate it and turn it into a decorative placemat). 

Small and Medium round Paint Brushes


Construction and/or Scrapbook paper


  1. Decide if you want to put your turkey on a canvas or paper. Whichever choice you made, set aside for later use.
  2. Give your child a few choices of construction or scrapbook paper to create the feathers. After 5 papers are selected and decorated, draw and cut the desired feather shape on the back of each paper. Set aside to later place on final paper or canvas.  
  3. Get your paints out and squeeze paint onto a paper plate (nickel to quarter size for each.)
  4. Have your child sit on a surface where you can paint their feet. Accessible to somewhere you can rinse their feet is always a perk. Easy clean up always makes for a good project.
  5. Paint your child’s foot. Special note: You are creating the body of the turkey. Do not place the footprint (turkey body) on your canvas or final piece of paper. You will cut your footprint out and place it on top of the feathers, on top of your canvas or final paper.  Press paper against your child’s painted foot creating your desired shape. Be sure to wiggle and press each toe onto the paper so nothing is missed. If you feel you need to practice on a plain sheet of paper first, do so.
  6. Set the footprint paper somewhere safe and go and wash your kid’s feet. You can do partial clean up at this point while you wait for paint to dry.
  7. After the paint on the turkey body has dried, you can move to part two of the project. Complete the feet design as pictured. Create the eyes, cheeks, gobble, beak, turkey legs, and feather placement on canvas. Drawing lightly with a pencil first is a good policy to allow for redo’s. Include highlights around feathers by using acrylic colors and the small paint brush. 
  8. Add a background and/or phrase to canvas. EX: trees, sun, dirt, grass EX: “Gobble ‘Till You Wobble!”  “Happy Turkey Day,” or “My Little Turkey”.
  9. Finalize your craft by writing your child’s name or initials, year, and age on the front or back of canvas.

Cooking up a toddler DIY craft turkey is no small FEET! Best of luck this Thanksgiving with your turkey cooking endeavors from your podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ.