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Many people watched the “Big Game” because they are diehard football fans—some even say it should be a national holiday—while others watch it for a much different reason; the commercials! It is no surprise that commercials during the “Big Game” are always the “funniest” but there is always that one commercial that you think to yourself “Why?”. According to AOL.com, that commercial was the one about toenail fungus…yes, toenail fungus. AOL claims the “Toenail fungus commercial was the least sexy ad…ever” and I think that statement may have some truth to it. Although, I’m sure many of us out there (who probably have had our bouts with toenail fungus) are now curious about what Jublia has to offer.

Jublia (efinaconazole) is a new topical medication that is used to treat Distal Lateral Subungual Onychomycosis or fungal toenails. There are many medications on the market ranging from topical applications to oral medications. Many of the medications, however, are dependent on a lot of factors with the main being the severity of the fungus. If the entire nail is thick and covered in fungus not many medications can get rid of it and more invasive measures need to be taken with the most likely being removal of the nail. But, like Jublia is indicated for, if the fungus is just at the tips of the toenails I’d like to think that it would work just fine. The main thing behind treating toenail fungus is trying to prevent it from the beginning and there are numerous ways this can be done. To start, try and keep your feet as dry as possible. Since fungi like warm, moist places, sweaty feet are a prime target. This can be avoided by sprinkling some Gold Bond powder in your shoes or wearing thinner socks. Next, if you’re a person that likes to work out you may find yourself showering in public bathrooms. If so, try and make it a habit to wear your own shower shoes in the shower. This is probably the most common place to pick up fungus. Lastly, UV light is a fungi’s worst enemy so if you have some extra money in the savings, investing in a UV tree might not be a bad idea, especially if toenail fungus is common in your household.

As always, if none of these efforts seem to work please don’t hesitate to call your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Monroe and Edison, NJ. Toenail fungus is an extremely common condition and we are very knowledgeable about treating and getting rid of it. It would be nice to give it a one-two punch and knock it out and it be gone forever, but keep in mind it does take quite a long time to completely remove the fungus so it’s safe to say the patience is a virtue.

By Varun Gujral

‘Tis the season for warm weather, pools, beaches and...fungi. No not your crazy next door neighbor, but fungus?! That’s right, fungus loves the summer too and it follows you everywhere. What it likes most about the summer is the warm, moist climate. Fungi are in places you might not even think about. Some of the most common places you’ll find it is in your shoes, your socks, on the floor of the shower and even your home. We will concentrate today on fungus being in your shoes and socks.

Have you ever wondered why your feet have that sudden onset of burning and itching? You can blame fungi for that. As previously stated, they thrive in warm moist environments, and what better place than in your shoes and socks. We are constantly on our feet generating heat and sweat and the fungi takes that in and grows and eventually cause Athlete’s Foot. This is an extremely common problem and is very treatable, even if caught a little later than usual. If you do notice a burning itch sensation on your feet, please don’t hesitate to contact your local podiatrists at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care in Edison and Monroe, NJ. However, even though we talk about Athlete’s Foot being on the foot, it can also travel to your toenails and this can serve to be a more complicated problem but is very treatable with oral medications.

So, some at home tips to make sure this doesn’t happen again or to anyone else in the family are: 1) buy some antifungal powder from your local pharmacy and put that in your shoes at least once a day; 2) try wearing open toed shoes as much as possible. UV light kills fungus so if they are exposed to sun, the better chance they will be eliminated. 3) there are UV Trees you can buy to hang your shoes to kill the fungus. If all else fails, again, please don’t hesitate to call make an appointment with our office because we want you out enjoying the nice summer weather!

 By Nrupa Shah


By Nrupa Shah
April 23, 2014
Category: Pedicures

Hallelujah it’s finally warming up!  As the weather improves and people prep for summer, many women are prepping their feet for sandals.  Sandals are more than a fashion statement, they are cool, comfortable, and allow you to show off your new pedicure!

It seems like some women have their work cut out for them when it comes to sandals. They have soaks, scrubs, massages, clipping, filing, grinding, moisturizing, and finally painting.  The work never ends.  Fortunately, taking care of your feet pays off.  Some opt to take the easy way out and get a pedicure, which is not such a bad thing! I for one am a big believer in pedicures.  As the weather warms up pedicurists will have their work cut out for them and the lines will be long.  Are they worth it?

Pedicurists are experts at cutting nails and they know how to do it properly.  Cutting your nails correctly can prevent ingrown toenails and even fungal infections.  In addition, some patients have very difficult toenails that get thick and difficult to cut.  Without proper instrumentation, people can do serious damage to their feet.  Pedicurists will often work out the calluses and dead skin which gives the skin a healthy boost and can prevent ulcers. Having a pedicurist work on your feet can also help to save your back.  The older we get and the more pounds we pack on, the more difficult it can be to reach our feet.  Proper foot care is particularly important for diabetics who can often not feel their feet and need to keep their feet clean, trimmed and healthy to prevent ulcers, infections, and amputations down the road. 

A yearly podiatric foot inspection is essential for all diabetic patients.  In the meantime, I encourage you to get a pedicure to take care of your feet.  In fact, many podiatrists offer pedicure services right in their office.  I must give one piece of advice when it comes to picking your pedicurist.  Make sure they clean their instruments after every use.  If they start working on your feet with dirty instruments they can spread fungal infections which most definitely do not look good in sandals.  And remember, if you think you have a fungal infection, go see your podiatrist right away.  Time is of the essence when it comes to fungal nails.

If you have any questions about your shoe gear, feet, or nails, make an appointment with your local podiatrist at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care located in Edison and Monroe NJ.

Nrupa Shah