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It’s that time of year again, the holidays! We all know this means work parties, family parties, New Years Eve parties and so on; and every woman knows that it is essential to find the perfect shoes to match the perfect dress for each party. However, these perfect shoes come at a risky price with their 4 inch heels.  If you take one wrong step you can end up on the ground with a sore foot and ankle.  One of the most common injuries from wearing heels is a sprained ankle.

A sprained ankle results from twisting your ankle in a way that causes the ligaments to stretch or even tear. The most common way for this to happen is for your foot to turn inward and your ankle rolls outward, which results in the ligaments on the outside of your ankle being affected. The opposite can also happen, your foot can turn outward and your ankle can roll inward, but this is less common when it comes to high heels. Some of the most common symptoms are swelling, tenderness, and possibly bruising. If the damage is worse you could hear a popping noise and not be able to place weight on your foot.

If you take one wrong step in your heels and recognize these symptoms you should go see your podiatrist to get the proper care for your ankle! Some of the steps of treatment include rest, ice, Tylenol, compression wraps and a protective brace. It is important to follow the instructions your podiatrist gives you to allow your ankle to heal. If your ankle doesn’t heal properly you can get long term pain and instability.

The easiest way to deal with this injury is to prevent it! So ladies while you are out shopping for the perfect shoes for whatever party you have to go to consider a cute pair of flats! They are far more comfortable than heels and look just as good!


By Nrupa Shah