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This injury got its interesting name because it is common to football players who play on turf or fake grass fields. James Starks, of the Green Bay Packers, battled with this injury leading into the 2012-2013 season, and it threatened to keep him from playing. I know you’re wondering how something so minor can keep a star NFL player from playing. This injury is more severe than one would think. Turf toe is caused by the ligaments around your big toe joint being sprained. This injury is most common on turf fields because the hard surface causes the toe to lie flat instead of bending while the player is running or getting hit. Even though this injury is named after football players it is common in other sports such as gymnastics, basketball and soccer.

The common symptoms of this injury include pain, swelling and limited movement of the toe joint. If the injury results over time the pain and swelling develop gradually and get worse over time. If the injury occurs suddenly the pain is immediate and gets worse over the first 24 hours. Sometimes a popping noise will be heard. A podiatrist will examine the toe joint and usually order and X-ray to rule out any other injuries. After turf toe has been diagnosed the recommended treatment is rest, ice, compression and elevation. Your podiatrist may also tape the toe to the toe next to it to relieve pressure and strain off of the big toe. This is recommended for two to three weeks, and sometimes physical therapy is required to help regain proper movement of the joint.

There are a few ways to help prevent this injury! One of the best ways is to wear supportive shoes, or you can have special inserts made to prevent the toe from extreme bending or force. Dr. Gujral of  Affiliated Foot and Ankle Care can help you in either of his offices in Edison or in Monroe, NJ.  He can help you with prevention and treatment of this injury!

By Varun Gujral