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By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
April 09, 2019

At Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care we know that children and teenagers have a higher rate of certain common foot conditions such as fungal infections, warts and athlete’s foot. This is due in part to their activities and their habits. These foot disorders are largely preventable, however, and parents can help children protect their feet by making sure their gym bag contains a few key items.

Shower shoes or flip flops—because fungal and bacterial infections are spread by direct contact, one of the best ways to avoid them is by keeping your feet covered when walking in public places where other people tend to go barefoot. Make sure your child knows that in gym locker rooms and showers they need to wear their shoes.

Extra Socks—fungal infections thrive in moist conditions. Staying in sweaty socks after practice will encourage infection-causing organisms to multiply. Pack pair for child to change into after they have showered.

Towel and soap—washing feet after exercise or sports is necessary. Sharing items that with other people who may have a foot infection is another way of catching one yourself. Encourage your child to use only their own shower items and not to wear someone else’s shoes or socks.

Foot powder—if your child has already had one or more fungal foot or toenail infection or warts, it’s a good idea to also give them a foot powder to apply before putting on clean socks. This will help keep feet dry. You can get an anti-fungal powder which will help fight off infection.

Teach your child to get in the habit of checking their feet over when they shower or bathe. If feet feel itchy or they notice other signs of a developing infection: discolored nails, flaky or dry skin, oozing blisters or redness it’s important to make an appointment as soon as possible at our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office by calling: 732-662-3050. Our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral and Dr. Nrupa Shah will examine your child’s feet and prescribe the necessary treatment if an infection is present.


By Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care
December 12, 2017
Category: Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic patients always have to take special care of their feet, but at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care, we know that this time of the year brings some particular challenges that we want to remind our patients about. Colder weather and the holiday season can increase potential risks for patients with diabetes. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help keep your season merry and bright:

Don’t: be tempted to skip your regularly scheduled podiatric appointments. All the extra activity of the holiday season may mean less time but it also means more stress on your feet and that’s why monitoring your feet is even more important.

Do: be diligent about using a rich moisturizer on your feet and heels. As thermostats get turned up, the air and consequently our skin gets much drier. Avoid heel fissures and cracks caused by dry skin with extra applications of cream or lotion.

Do: keep feet dry. Feet that sit in damp socks allow bacteria to grow and increase the risk of fungal toenail infections and athlete’s foot. Change socks more than once a day if you sweat profusely. If snow or rain has seeped in through your shoes or boots, remove them as soon as possible and dry your feet completely, particularly between your toes.

Don’t: apply direct heat to your feet. Avoid heating pads and electric blankets. Neuropathy can make it difficult to detect when the temperature is too high and may result in burns.

Do: pay attention to where you are walking. Between slippery conditions from wintery weather and too many items on your mind, it’s easy to miss a curb or not see an icy patch on the sidewalk. Slips and falls can cause injuries that can lead to serious complications for diabetic patients. Limit the number of packages you carry at one time as well because this can prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you.

Don’t: put off contacting our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office in New Jersey if you detect any unusual symptoms in your feet. Our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral or Dr. Nrupa Shah will want to be informed immediately of any changes in your feet so they can be checked in order to head off potential wounds or ulcers. Call us at: 732-662-3050.