Diabetes is one of the major leading causes of death in the country. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the major debilitating problems that we encounter with diabetics. It’s a loss of sensation, a loss of protective sensation, a feeling of numbness, tingling, burning in your feet. Due to this problem people lose protective sensation cannot feel in their foot and can end up with cuts, scrapes, or bruises that don’t heal properly because of the poor underlying circulation that goes along with diabetic complications. Because of this diabetic neuropathy we fully suggest that the patients come in on a regular basis to have their feet checked and evaluated for lack of sensation, to prevent complications from occurring. Treatments include pharmaceutical management, physical therapy as well as surgical intervention. Patients who do qualify for surgical intervention are evaluated on case by case basis. These patients are thoroughly examined for sensation as well as lack of proprioception. If they do qualify for the surgical intervention, it is a cutting edge procedure that the doctors of Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center does, which is called the triple nerve release. We release three nerves in your foot and in your leg. We have had over 80% success rate with this type of surgical intervention. Patients have enjoyed a better quality of life more feeling, more sensation in their feet, as well as a better proprioceptorbalance of their lower extremities.  So, it’s important if you are a diabetic neuropathic to come in for a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation. To see what type of intervention is appropriate for you. It could possibly save your limbs as well as your life.