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Getting Relief from “Pump Bump”

Do you suffer from pain from a bony enlargement at the back of your heel? You may have a condition we at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care treat, called Haglund’s deformity, but more commonly known as “pump bump.” The reason for the name is that the soft tissue near the Achilles tendon becomes irritated from friction caused by the bony enlargement rubbing against certain types of footwear. Pumps with stiff backs are one of the prime offenders. However, any shoes with rigid backs including men’s dress shoes or even ice skates can aggravate the site and also lead to bursitis—an inflammation of the fluid-filled bursa sac that is between the tendon and bone.

Who Gets Haglund’s Deformity?

Although the condition more often affects women, men get it too. In some cases, the tendency for this disorder can be due to an inherited faulty foot structure. Other factors that can raise the likelihood for pump bump are a high arch, tight Achilles tendon or the tendency to walk on the outside of your heel.

Treatment Options

If you suspect that you have Haglund’s deformity, contact our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office for an appointment. Our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral, and Dr. Nrupa Shah will examine your hurting heel and foot and most likely order x-rays as well to get a look at the bone structure of the heel. If a diagnosis of Haglund’s deformity is confirmed, there are several treatment options, including:

If conservative treatment methods do not bring significant pain relief, surgery may be the only option. To learn more about how to treat this condition, contact us by calling: 732-662-3050.

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