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3 Foot Problems to Take Care of Now

The days are getting longer and warmer, and at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care, we know some of our patients are taking a look at their feet and thinking about what they’ll look like in summer sandals. If you don’t like what you see when you take off your winter shoes and socks, now is a good time to address those foot issues that you find unsightly. Below are three common concerns patients bring to us that impact how their feet look.

  1. Fungal Toenails—it’s easy to keep thick nails, discolored and crumbling out of sight in the winter months, but once sandal season is here, there will be no hiding. Fungal toenails can take time to eradicate, so it’s important to make an appointment now at our Edison (732-204-6630), Monroe (732-204-6802), or Monmouth Junction (732-204-6945) office. Our podiatrists, Varun Gujral, and Dr. Nrupa Shah will prescribe the correct treatment for your toenail fungus. It may consist of a topical or oral antifungal medication. In some cases, the foot doctor may recommend removing part or all of your nail to cure the infection.
  2. Toe Deformitiesbunions, hammertoes, claw toes, and other toe deformities are progressive and will only get worse over time if not treated. In many cases, these conditions are caused by a fault in the structure of your foot or by wearing improper footwear. The foot doctor will examine your foot and get a complete medical history. To determine the severity of the condition, x-rays may be ordered. In most cases, surgery can correct the defect.
  3. Warts—plantar warts typically appear on the heel or ball of your foot and sometimes on the toes and are caused by a virus and, if left untreated, may become painful. We offer several treatment options for warts, including cryotherapy, chemical removal, and CO2 laser therapy.

Whatever is causing your foot to look less than summer-shoe style desirable, our podiatrists can help. Contact us today for an appointment.

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