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3 Roadblocks to Getting Fit

At Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care, it’s not unusual for us to see a number of foot and ankle issues related to sports and exercise at this time of the year. Many of our patients start off the New Year with good intentions to get in shape, but without the proper precautions, these resolutions can end in a hurry. Don’t fall prey to these three common mistakes people make when starting a new fitness plan.

  1. Improper Footwear—it may not surprise you, but we believe the most important piece of equipment for any fitness activity is your shoes. Today’s fitness footwear is specially designed to support and accommodate your foot for the movement required by a specific sport or exercise. It’s best to purchase shoes for the activity you are doing and to get them professionally fitted. If you already own sports shoes, inspect them regularly for signs of wear and replace after the recommended number of miles or hours of use.
  2. Old Injury Flare Up—a sudden increase in physical activity can cause a part of your foot that was previously injured to become inflamed or painful. Weak ankles, heel pain, and arch problems are a few examples of podiatric problems that can be chronic if not fully rehabilitated. It’s best to schedule an appointment at our Edison (732-204-6630), Monroe (732-204-6802) or Monmouth Junction (732-204-6945) office to get a complete podiatric checkup by our podiatrists, Varun Gujral and Dr. Nrupa Shah, before you start a new exercise program.
  3. Poor Program—once committed, many people are gung-ho to get in shape quickly and may overdo it initially. This can lead to overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis and shin splints. A sound exercise program will start our slowly and gradually increase in intensity. In addition, make sure the fitness plan you choose includes appropriate warm-ups and stretching to protect muscles and prevent injuries.

If you experience any ankle or foot pain in relation to exercise or sport activities, be sure to contact us and get it evaluated promptly.

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