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4 Ways to Say “Thanks” to Your Feet

At Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care, we know that soon families all around our Edison (732-204-6630), Monroe (732-204-6802) or Monmouth Junction (732-204-6945) offices will be gathering with friends and families to give thanks and celebrate the many good things we have. We want to make sure feet and ankles don’t get left off the list. Your feet, although often taken for granted, enable you to work, play and live the active life you love. Why not show them a little loving at this busy time of the year? Below are a few suggestions:

  1. Buy a new pair of shoes. No, we’re not talking about the spiky high heels you saw online recently! We mean invest in a pair of shoes that will help maintain and even improve the health of your feet. Look for a pair that has a deep heel cup and extra cushioning in the insole for optimal comfort. A sturdy heel and sole will help absorb shock and decrease foot pain. Choose a pair that has good arch support to minimize the chance of heel pain and a snug fit at the heel for ankle stability and decreased risk of Get your foot professionally measured for a proper fit. Finally, give your toes wiggle room with a wide toe box.
  2. Treat yourself to a foot massage. In an ancient massage practice known as reflexology, there is a belief that parts of your feet correspond to other parts of your body and when massaged can improve overall health. It certainly feels great and can help relieve foot pain.
  3. Hold back on holiday goodies. Yes, we’re entering the season of feasting, but try to be choosy about the treats you indulge in. Gaining weight increases the stress put on your feet and increases your risk for a host of foot and ankle problems.
  4. Get help promptly for hurting feet. Don’t put off seeking treatment. Contact us for an appointment so that our podiatrists, Varun Gujral and Dr. Nrupa Shah, can get to the source of your foot discomfort and prescribe the proper treatment to head off a serious podiatric problem.
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