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Basic Foot Care for Men

At Affiliated Foot & Ankle Care we take care of the podiatric needs of the whole family. In June, however, we celebrate Men’s Health Month and would like to take this opportunity to focus on some health issues that are particularly common among our male patients.

Athlete’s foot—if workouts at the gym or pool are part of your regular fitness regimen be sure there’s a pair of flip flops in your bag. Locker rooms and communal showers are prime breeding grounds for bacterial and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. These are spread by direct contact so keep your feet covered. It’s important to keep your feet dry too. If you tend to sweat excessively, use an anti-fungal foot powder and change your socks as soon as you notice they are damp.

Ingrown toenails—stiff dress shoes and socks that are too tight can squeeze toes together and encourage the development of an ingrown toenail. At first a nagging twinge, this condition can quickly cause a toe to blow up and become incredibly painful and tender. Keep nails trimmed straight across with no curved edges. If you have a nail that repeatedly becomes ingrown, ask our podiatrists, Dr. Varun Gujral and Dr. Nrupa Shah about ways to eliminate this problem. In some cases, a minor surgical procedure can be performed to prevent the recurrence of an ingrown nail.

Achilles tendonitis—your Achilles tendon stretches along the back of your lower leg from your calf muscle to your heel bone. Although it is the strongest tendon in the body it can easily become inflamed from “weekend warrior” activities such as strenuous workouts and sports. Stair stepping, running hills and sprints that put sudden or extreme exertion on the calf can cause Achilles tendonitis to flare up. Remember to stretch before and after workouts and stop if you feel pain.

Don’t Put Off Podiatric Visits

One key difference research has noted between how men and women approach health care is that men tend to be less proactive and preventive in their actions. Don’t drag your feet when it comes to getting podiatric pain and discomfort evaluated. Contact our Edison, Monroe or Monmouth Junction office for an appointment by calling: 732-662-3050.

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